Programmable uplighting

Color changing, programmable uplights at The Ritz Carlton Fort LauderdaleThe same room a few minutes later…

Most people don’t have just one favorite color, so why not choose multiple colors to uplight your event with? Programmable LED uplighting by Illumene will make it possible to reinvent your space with color throughout your event an add excitement to your dancefloor.

When planning your lighting design, consider your timeline or run of show. By strategically segwaying colors you can create the desired atmosphere for each of the important segments of your event.

Case in point:

1) Guests are welcomed into your ballroom uplit in a golden amber glow. They enjoy dinner with this color, which provides not only a beautiful backdrop but also showcases your guests in a flattering soft light.

2) Once dinner concludes, the room gently transitions to a darker, more intimate color like purple, blue or red. Now you and your guests are ready to head to the dancefloor.

3) As the evening progresses, the lights can begin to gently change between colors of your choice, visually reinventing the room every few minutes enhancing the excitement of the dancefloor and overall celebratory mood.

4) As your evening builds to a crescendo, your programmable uplights and intelligent dancefloor lighting can work together in perfect synergy as they are controlled by a lighting technician who is familiar with the music being played and can anticipate breaks in songs and adapt as things wind down, even bring color changing to a halt to conclude the evening on the same color it began with.

Be sure to request a quote with both programmable uplighting and intelligent dancefloor lighting to complete the most sophisticated dancefloor experience possible!

Programmable, color changing LED uplighting at the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale: