Rent Floating LED balls | LED Glow Spheres in Miami

Our Floating LED balls (LED Glow Spheres, LED Light Pool Balls, Pool LED Globes, LED Pool Orbs) are a perfect addition to any modern, sleek space!

ILLUMENE can anchor them in pools as well as place them on tables, in gardens, and along paths. Gentle LED light diffuses from within the spheres creating a soft glow.

The most popular color option is static white, but they can be set to your choice of many different colors. These LED Globes are made from waterproof polyethylene, perfect for South Florida outdoor weather.

Lately, our LED Glow Spheres have emerged as a chic and sought-after element within the corporate event landscape, elevating brand activations, immersive marketing campaigns, corporate and consumer events, fundraisers, and gala occasions to a new level of sophistication in Miami and South Florida.

These luminous spheres not only create a visually stunning atmosphere but also provide a unique branding opportunity, allowing companies to imprint their logos or messages, thus ensuring a seamless integration of their identity into the event. When strategically placed in the event space, LED Glow Spheres contribute to an unforgettable corporate experience that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Miami’s modern style.

Destination management companies (DMCs) and out-of-town production companies are especially drawn to renting Glow Spheres for corporate events and experiential campaigns in Miami due to their comparatively low cost  and high visual allure, making them an attractive choice for their demanding clientele.

That’s why our LED Glow Spheres are often fully booked weeks before the prestigious Art Basel Miami event in December, so we strongly recommend early reservations to secure your event’s lighting needs.


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