Pool dancefloor lighting | Dancing on water | Lighting for glass-covered pools

Pool dancefloor lighting Miami, dancing on water

Pool lighting (aquatic lighting) is the single most beautiful way to transform a space from an every day feel by day to an ultra-chic lounge by night. Where there is a pool, there is a way. Illumene will work with your plexiglass pool covering company to set up our lights in advance of their install to create magic.

Beware of companies offering this kind of lighting that only includes one or two lights. It will create light and dark spots in the pool resulting in an unsatisfying wash that you will only see the night of your event. Illumene installs 6 lights and will give you the option to set them to a static color or create a beautiful color changing effect.

Uncovered pools also look beautiful when illuminated by our aquatic lights. We suggest projecting your company logo or wedding monogram gobo into the pool. Illumene can help you with this as well.