Monogram design

Custom monogram design

Our team at Illumene will help you design a custom monogram to your specifications and then we will project it on the walls or dancefloor of your venue.

You will be able to choose your monogram from a variety of design samples, custom made for Illumene. From traditional to modern and avant-garde, our company has the most beautiful designs in South Florida.

If you already have your monogram created, we can utilize it to personalize your event in a beautiful and distinctive way.

Company and brand logo projections are also available and are a “must-have” for corporate gatherings, fundraisers, grand openings, galas, and other events.

Glass vs Metal gobos

It is important to mention that not all monogram projections are equal. Different companies use various techniques and equipment that result in mixed quality of the final design. At Illumene, we prefer working with glass gobos. A “gobo” is a circular plate made of brass, steel or glass with a cut out design for projection. Although glass gobos are more expensive, they produce magnificent projections of any complexity without the imperfections of brass or steel gobo plates. Glass gobos can also have shadowing, or be in full color.

Here is a comparison of how the same monogram design will look using glass and metal gobos:

Monogram projection difference btween glass and metal/steel gobos