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Modern Lighting for Weddings and Corporate Events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida

Wedding lighting

Lighting isn’t just another element added to your wedding decor: it enhances, improves and transforms every other element of the room. Most importantly, it creates a unique vibe and atmosphere of your event.

Corporate events

From lighting design to big-screen video presentations to various energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED products, Illumene will ensure the smooth and flawless production of your corporate event.

Sunset calendar 2014/2015

For outdoor events, it is very important to know when the sun is setting on your event day. This will ensure developing a correct timeline for your event and give you the opportunity to take beautiful photos in that soft, golden light.


IconLighting lingo

Talk like a lighting guru! Impress your friends, colleagues and event vendors with your knowledge of lighting terms. Browse through our list of the lighting “buzz-words”.

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IconMonogram design

Our team at Illumene will help you design a custom monogram to your specifications and then we will project it on the walls or dancefloor of your venue.

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Contrary to popular belief, event lighting can be relatively inexpensive, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the complexity of your lighting needs.

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