Why lighting?

Our projects are ‘vanishing artworks’, which exist only for duration of the event. So we are trying to create a memory every time we put together an event and the lighting – which many might not even notice – is very often one of the key features of that emotional memory.Preston Bailey, an award-winning event designer


Create a unique atmosphere for your event

Lighting is essential in completing the overall atmosphere and appeal of your event. A well thought-out lighting design can evoke a range of positive emotions in people attending your event from being excited and inspired to comfortable and relaxed.


Change visual dimensions of your space

By manipulating different lighting effects, it is also possible to change visual dimensions of a space. For example, washing the walls with light by using creatively placed spotlights can make a room appear larger than it is.


Highlight important details of your decor

Accent lighting is becoming increasingly popular today, offering a new dimension to important details of your event decor by illuminating features that you would like your guests to notice.


Look your best

When used by professional lighting designers, the event lighting has another important advantage – it can showcase you and your guests in the best “light”, literally! This is achieved by choosing specific color pallettes, textures, shadow and angles to best flatter the human complexion.


Call Illumene!

At Illumene, our goal is to produce stunning lighting designs, while making you feel and look good. Give us a call to find out how we can translate your vision into reality with the creative use of lighting: 954-399-9897 or Request a quote online.